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18 February 2015


Singing: 'Cuz baby tonight, the reign of Lammi has started again!

07 February 2015

Burton Hockey Design: Jared Lammi

Burton Hockey Design: Jared Lammi: We have our first concept submission to the blog today. That submission comes from a guy by the name of Jared Lammi. He has created concepts...

Look at this!

19 June 2014

Concept Number 2

Washington Capitals- Steven Grant

Yay: This is more like it! I like the jerseys! The whole thing to be exact.
Nay: The one thing I am not a fan of is the tail striping on the road jersey. This team has nothing whatsoever to do with the Netherlands. The striping on the road jersey's bottom looks like the Dutch flag. What now? Tell the Capitals to change the 3rd jersey.

Moral: If a team's white jersey looks like a foreign country's flag, don't use it.
Grade: 50%

Real first concept!

Winnipeg Jets- Steven Grant

Yay: The Jets came back in 2011-12 wearing these.
Nay: This is no throwback. For a vintage series, I recommend not using a current set. I like the idea, but no vintage feel to it.

Moral: Use the Thrashers jerseys!

Grade: 45%